Krept & Konan Have Urged Entertainment Lovers To Ensure They Are Getting Content From Genuine Sites

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Krept said: ”Backing this campaign gives us a chance to recognise the music, TV shows, sport and video games that got us through the last few months. When we record a track, we put our all into it, but there are also so many people behind the scenes who make it what it is too – and the same goes for the TV, film and games and other creative industries.


”By getting the things you love from genuine, safe sites you can help all these people – and carry on destroying your mates at FIFA, sound tracking your evening with your favourite album or chatting with your boys about that must-have TV show.”

Konan added: ”With both of us being apart from our friends and each other during lockdown, entertainment was a massive part of what kept us going – and I’m sure many felt the same. Krept and I would share playlists and TV recommendations with each other, and of course played a lot of games online – it definitely made lockdown more bearable.”

”When great content has done so much for us, it’s important to give back to the hardworking people that made it possible. To the runners, the sound technicians, the set designers, film crew and to so many more – thank you.”

CCUK Programme Coordinator, James Gardiner from Creative Content UK (CCUK), who back the Get It Right campaign, added: ”Fans have a clear choice – if they really value the entertainment they love – then they must get it right from genuine sites rather than from infringing ones that rip off creators and deny them the fair rewards their hard work, talent and creativity deserves.

”If fans show support in this way, creators and those that back them will be able to invest more of their time and creativity into producing more of the content we all love. If they don’t, we risk songs not being recorded, movies not being made and games not being developed, particularly by grassroots creators who need that income most – and especially now.”

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